vendredi 27 octobre 2006

Question: Can you send detailed info about RPDF library ?

RciTools RPDF library is not a commercial software.
We first use the RPDF library for our own software development.
We also use it for software development with our clients.

Currently this library covers only a small range of the PDF language functions :
- Text using the 14 main fonts
- Centered and right-justified text
- Lines and rectangles
- Colors
- JPEG images
- EAN 13 barcodes
- Page formats

Next releases of the RPDF library will implement complementary functions :
- new PDF capacities
- new PL/SQL procedures and functions, for quickly and easily APEX programming

You can view all the capacities, with many examples at :

Theses examples are in french language.
We work primarly with french speaking clients.

RPDF interface is available at :

We would like to exchange ideas and information concerning PDF development.